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Easy Code For Vivox

Documentation Here

Easy Code For Vivox Learn how to incorporate Vivox Voice Chat with Unity game engine.

  • Windows Compatible
  • Android Compatible
  • Demo Scenes
  • Documentation
  • Easy Setup
  • Source Included*

Skip the hard code and use a pre-built example project to see if Vivox is right for your game. You need a Vivox Developer ID from the Vivox Developer Portal

You can find Documentation Here. Videos coming soon... Doing some quality of life updates first and slight design changes so the videos will last for a few updates

* Asset may use Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), this source code will not be included to protect sensitive information

Know what you're doing?

Need Custom Solutions Start with the demo scenes(New Look By Micheal Milton) for a quick overview of Vivox features, read the Things To Consider page for a quick overview of design considerations, look at the Assets/Scripts/EasyCodeForVivox/Vivox Backend/ folder for code examples to get started

Don't want to import another Asset? Learn to Use Vivox Directly

1. Initilaze Vivox and Login

2. Join Channels

3. Create Callback Methods to detect when users join

Check out more Vivox Tutorials on my channel murphymUrph_21

Skip the Hard Coding

Easy Code For Vivox Provides 2 demo scenes to test Vivox functionality fast and see if will work for your project. Built with Indie developers and small teams in mind.

Easy Code For Vivox comes with production code functionality but there is only examples for development code at the moment which can support up to < 5,000 players.

Examples for production ready code coming soon...

Requires Vivox Unity SDK Download from the Unity Asset Store here

Need Support

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Coding For Christ
Community is open to anyone and any religion and is focused mainly on game development, people learning C#, people using Vivox, people using Unity.

Vivox Tutorial Topics

Documentation Here

Vivox Features Implemented in Easy Code For Vivox

  • Intialize Client
  • Login / Logout
  • Join Channel / Leave Channel
  • Send Channel Messages
  • Send Direct Messages
  • 3D Positional Sound
  • Text To Speech
  • **This asset is simply a wrapper around the Vivox Unity SDK that is developed and distributed by Vivox which is owned by Unity Technologies


  1. Get you up and running with Vivox ASAP
  2. Make incorporating the Vivox Unity SDK as easy as possible
  3. Understand options for implementing secure Voice connections
  4. Be able to get your game/app approved by Vivox faster